Web development

This module allows web page management enhancement; our system is provided with many well-thought tools for managing contents information. Likewise, for a better positioning of this website, this module is boosted with SEO concepts by default. Some of its features are the following:

CMS (Contents Management System)

Web page contents can be partially modified whenever is required without the need of technical staff support, thus allowing information adjustments at real time: Management of contents structure, categories, several languages, imaging and multimedia, and WYSIWYG editor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Personalized and automatic URLs, keywords administrator and descriptions for each search engine’s content, integration with Google Analytics for segmented statistics.

Social Media ((Social networking integration)

Nowadays, in order to achieve goals, it is vital that current web contents must be closely linked to social networking, since mass mainstream is found in these social networks; Integrated to Google, Facebook and Twitter.